Monica Felix

PURE Yoga Institute Graduating Class: July 2018

Practicing Hot Yoga Since: 2011

Teaching Experience

Aug 2018 to Present | Brooklyn, NY | Yoga Tribe Brooklyn

About Monica

I was born and raised in the tropical heat of Puerto Rico, so when I moved to the charmingly cruel winters of New York City I struggled. During one of my first winters in Brooklyn, my friend Xaymara invited me to a hot yoga class- I stepped into the unknown and came out years later committed to a practice that brought me joy (and all I needed to bring to class was my body and mind)!

Beyond my own backward and forward bends, I’ve explored hatha yoga as a photographer. I am a visual artist and it has been through my search for what is human that I fell in love with the original hot yoga practice. Discovering and growing my practice through the lens and on the mat continues to mold aspects of myself I explore confidently, like the ever-flowing ups and downs of the wheel of life.

A tool for health, survival and moving meditation, hot yoga has been the gateway to deeper spirituality and discovery of mindful living. This is a lifetime expedition and I hope to share the journey with others as both a student and a teacher.



Instagram: @monicafelix | @monicafelixphoto