Marsha Ungchusri

PURE Yoga Institute Graduating Class: July 2018

Practicing Hot Yoga Since: 2010

Teaching Experience

Aug 2018 to Present | Austin, TX | 20+ classes | PURE Yoga Texas | Austin

About Marsha

“If you are depressed you are living in the past. 
If you are anxious you are living in the future. 
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”
Lao Tzu

I used to say that Bikram Yoga changed my life, but I’ve come to realize that I changed my life. Yoga gave me the path. I had to walk it.

The first time I walked into Pure Yoga Texas in 2010 I was struggling in a stressful job and drowning in an unhealthy relationship, when I finally realized something had to change. With this realization, I carried all my anxieties, sadness, doubts, and fears into the hot room. Someway, somehow I came out the other side, rosy-faced feeling so light and clean, unburdened by the baggage I had carried into the room just 90 minutes before.

“Best thing you can do is come back tomorrow.”

I laughed, but then I came back the next day. And the next.

“You should sign up for our 60 day challenge! You’re already 3 days into it!”

I laughed again, but then I signed up. For the first time in a long time I felt balanced and content inside and out. I felt good. The practice that spoke to me, challenged me in a disciplined, focused way, and had me excited to come back for more.

My practice taught me for the first time in life how to be kind and compassionate to myself. To show myself patience. To look myself in the mirror and accept myself exactly as I am that day. What I need in my life and what I don’t and how to let go of those things or people that do more harm than good. My practice taught me how to set healthy boundaries and say no.

As I continue my practice, I am often reminded that it is called a yoga practice and not a yoga perfect. As someone who has a tendency to push too much and burn out, my practice has taught me to take a breath and a step back, to take care of myself when I need it, but also how to consistently practice and show up for myself. I now approach the postures with curiosity, how my body feels journeying into and out of the asana, being fully present in the moment instead of just anticipating how deep I can bend.

For more reflections on my yoga practice check out a blog piece I wrote here called “Practice over Perfection.”


Instagram: @marsha.fierce