Jessica Norris

PURE Yoga Institute Graduating Class: July 2018

Practicing Hot Yoga Since: 2011

Teaching Experience

Aug 2018 to Present | Austin, TX | 125+ classes | PURE Yoga Texas | Austin

About Jessica

When I walked into my first class in Dallas, Texas at the age of 21, there was no way I’d believe you if you told me I’d be teaching someone’s first class seven years later. The amount of huge changes in my life and emotions that yoga has walked me through has been insurmountable. Having never been a confident person, watching and being present with my reflection for 90 minutes somehow made me feel okay with that. Knowing that no matter what’s going on in my life, my day, or my mind, there would be someone there showing up – staring right back at me – if I could just make it to class.
I haven’t always loved yoga. There have been many days when I thought this just wasn’t for me. It’s been with the help of my teachers and mentors Karen Buckner and Mary Jarvis that I’ve learned to have compassion for myself and my practice. Instead of thinking of my yoga practice as something that I did, I learned to consider my yoga practice another piece of my life that would always be there. It became both a friend and a place I could go to. Seeing my yoga through this new lens gave me permission to hold the higher vision for myself to grow into something I may never become – but having the vision in mind is what I needed to keep me curious.
I knew I wanted to become a teacher when I moved across the country and found myself only feeling comfortable inside the hot room. The sense of community that this practice brings is unlike any other. Where else do you get to experience something so raw and personal with other people without having a conversation? Those 90 minutes are sacred and unique. I love sharing the hot room with others.
Today, I practice yoga to deal with anxiety and depression, to be a part of a community, and to set an example for others. Knowing that with consistent practice I feel better, I keep rolling out my mat. Teaching keeps me connected with my fellow yogis and reminds me to stay humble.