April Vidal

PURE Yoga Institute Graduating Class: July 2017

Practicing Hot Yoga Since: 1992

Teaching Experience

Aug 2017 to Present | Austin, TX | 350+ Classes | PURE Yoga Texas

About April

My first Bikram yoga class was in 1992. For me, it was love at first sweat! I was having some lower back pain and within a couple of weeks it was gone, I was hooked and I knew I wanted to be a teacher. The journey was a long one, but I am so proud and grateful it led me to Pure Yoga Institute’s Teacher Training (Summer 2017).

Bikram Yoga has saved my life time and time again. The mental and physical strength required during class fuels self-confidence and self-love outside of the hot room as well. As a person in recovery from addiction and depression, I have found it vital to my self- care.

As a teacher it is my ambition to share and give back what this yoga has given me. Here’s to another 25 years of sweating and smiling!



Instagram: @aprilvidal

Facebook: SuperYogaMama