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Teacher Spotlight: Cindy Lemus

I interviewed Cindy at her one-year anniversary of teaching yoga full-time!  Read on for some insights into her teaching life. 

Q: What made you want to become a teacher?

A: Within a few weeks of practicing I knew this would be part of my life forever.  I found this practice and it made me feel phenomenal— I wanted everyone to try it. I loved going to class. I had such admiration for all of my teachers. I wanted to be a part of class in a bigger way. Being on the podium is such an honor. Like all good things in life when you know, you know and I knew I wanted teach.


Q: What is your favorite “teaching moment”?

A: My favorite teaching moment thus far has been anytime I have family take my class it’s always so special, I love having them in the room. 

I also love when I have those breakthrough classes when I feel extremely connected to everyone in class. I can see everyone is super focused and working their hardest; it’s when I feel most like a teacher after a strong class – where we all gave it our ALL.


Q: What is your most embarrassing “teaching moment”?

A: I’m sometimes slightly embarrassed if a student catches me checking myself out on the podium during savasana, but that’s not too bad. I can live with that.


Q: At your one-year teaching anniversary: how has teaching affected your personal life?

A: My one major insight has been that my energy and attitude plays an immense role in the room. Learning to be self-aware of the energy I’m putting out and the mindset I want to have has helped me slow down and look at life through a more positive perspective.


Q: How has teaching affected your yoga practice?

A: “You are your own best teacher” has never rung truer to me at this moment. Before training I liked relying on the teacher to give me a certain correction even if I had already heard it. I relied on my teachers to push me and help me find my maximum. Although I still love a tough class and a tough instructor very much, I’m finding my own drive.


Q: After four years of practicing, are there things you still struggle with?

A: Yes! A real struggle of mine has always been getting to the hot room. I battle with choosing between hanging out with friends in the evenings or taking class, staying up late or practicing early in the morning. Taking  90+ minutes in a 105f degree room plays with my conscience. My struggle is getting to class, but my struggles inside the room changes every class.


Q: What was your favorite part about training?  Least favorite?

A: I have many favorites; being a 2 min walk away from class, practicing twice a day, talking yoga all day everyday, learning about the human body, learning different things about myself, practicing different styles of yoga, living in downtown Austin for 9 weeks, being a 10 min walk from Whole Foods, and fully immersing myself into a passion of mine -all favs.

My least favorite was leaving Austin – it is such a cool city. And leaving Pure Yoga Texas in Austin – it’s the most passionate and inspiring yoga community out there. I also miss not bonding with my yoga sisters. We had a rough start, but ended up being supportive friends whom I think highly of. I shared a special experience with them and I’ll always cherish our time together.


Q: What is your advice for future trainees?

A: It helps to study the dialogue before training but don’t stress it too much. If you apply yourself during the 9 weeks you will learn it. Stay present during training, enjoy the daily doubles, and invaluable lectures. 9 weeks of Pure yoga is mind-blowing. Most importantly every day counts towards the end goal of graduating and your outcome as a teacher, so give it your all everyday.

Check out Cindy’s bio and find where she’s teaching at

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