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Calcutta Yoga by Jerome Armstrong

Calcutta Yoga: Buddha Bose and the Yoga Family of Bishnu Ghosh and Yogananda is a 596 page [easy read] book of needle-in-the-haystack research by Jerome Armstrong. This is a must read for every Original Hot Yoga teacher and studio owner to understand the history of our unique system of yoga.

Mardy and I first met Jerome Armstrong in October 2015 at Ghosh’s Yoga College, along with Scott Lamps and Ida Jo Pajunen (see Jerome led us to all corners of Calcutta, including the homes of Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi) and Vivekananda (Raja Yoga). We immersed ourselves at the school of Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury, with pictures of the latter all over the women’s yoga room at the college. We experienced the conditions they practiced yoga in –noisy streets and sweltering heat — and imagined what it must’ve been like to practice yoga 50 years ago.

Even if you don’t attend the Ghosh’s Yoga College Teacher Training, it is still worth a visit to Calcutta to visit the school and other places to see for yourself the origins of hot yoga. And if you can’t get to that, try reading “Calcutta Yoga!”

-Jeff Chen




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